Endodontics diagnosis and treatment plan program ( 8 CREDIT HOURS )

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"I`m a mother of two a boy and a girl and I have been busy with my marriage that I couldn't leave them for 3 days at least to attend a course

now I wait for them to sleep and study this saved my career."

- Donia Elwi.

"I now have a new thing to do in my free time in my clinic 😅😂

better than watching useless videos I'll recommend it to my fellow dentists"

- DR. Mohamed Farouk.

"I really enjoyed studying these online courses , I was pausing, taking notes, making myself tea and adjusting my seating place , way better than traveling to Cairo and sitting in a place with Break schedule or missing something if I went to grab a cup of coffee"

- Nada Safwan.

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